Race Descriptions

Scratch Race:

A good Ol’fashion bike race for a set distance Eg 8-20 laps. First 4 across the finish line at the end of the race score points


Sprint style event, 3-5 riders per heat short distance high intensity, distance of about 3-5 laps per heat. First 4 score points


After a short number of non-scoring laps. Officials blow a whistle indicating the start of points. One point is scored by the leader of the race each lap, the winner at the end of the race had the most points. Top 4 riders score points towards the series

1 Lap Screamers:

Sprint event. Just 1 lap. Held start. Whistle start from the front straight pursuit line, race to the finish line.

2 Lap Screamers:

Sprint style event, 3-5 riders per heat short distance high intensity, distance of 2 laps per heat. First 4 score points. Riders will start from the fence and start on the whistle.

Mystery Lapper: (Jokers Hand)

Riders start with 2-3 laps showing on the board. A deck of cards with numbers 2-10 and a joker card is drawn from to decide the number of additional laps. The riders aren’t told how far the race distance is. If a joker is drawn only 1 lap additional is raced. Distance will be limited for some lower grades top. First 4 score points to the series tally.

Motor Pace:

Like a scratch race but the pace is set by the NBR motor bike rider. At 3 Laps to go the motor bike pulls off in the front straight. Riders will have a maximum turn on the bike of 1 consecutive lap each. Top 4 riders score points towards the series


Sprint event. 6 laps. Riders start off the fence or from a held start.  A motor bike rolls through and picks up the riders to be paced for 3 laps. Motor bike pulls off at 3 laps to go in the front straight to the left onto the apron of the track. Top 4 riders score points in each heat.

 Wheel Race: (Final)

Handicap. 6 laps race distance. Top 4 riders in the opening scratch race qualify for the wheel race final from each grade. Not including juniors. (Juniors to have a separate graded race over 4 laps)


Riders start as a bunch for 1 non-scoring lap. A whistle is blown to indicate the start of points. The lap board will indicate the number of points on offer each lap and will count upwards. Points available increase by 1 each lap … the points snowball

Elimination Race:

Riders start together and ride for 1-2 neutral laps then a whistle sounds indicating the start of eliminations. The last rider across the line is withdrawn each lap down to the final two riders who receive the bell and get to sprint for the last lap. Please know your race number so we can call you out of the race when eliminated.

Time Blaster:

Riders work together and race to beat the clock for a handful of cash. A/B Grade riders. If the riders don’t beat the time the cash jackpots for next time!